The second call for proposals of the African Culture Fund (ACF) dedicated to the performing arts and visual arts was launched on 12 August 2019 and closed on 12 October 2019.

At the end of the call, 771 projects were registered from 52 countries, including 42 African countries, 446 individual projects and 325 organizational projects. 433 projects were registered on behalf of the performing arts and 338 projects in the visual arts.

The selection process was carried out in three stages : the registration and examination of the application files, which made it possible to register and classify the files according to their nature (individuals or institutions), the administrative verification of the files by a reading committee and the evaluation and final selection by an autonomous and independent jury.

The jury, composed of six members, including three by discipline category from six African countries (Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia) met on 30 November and 1st December 2019 to make the final selection and deliberation of the applications.

At the end of the deliberation, 40 projects were selected (20 projects in visual arts and 20 projects in performing arts), including 30 projects that will immediately receive funding (15 in visual arts and 15 in performing arts) and 10 projects on the reserve list (5 in visual arts and 5 in performing arts).

Proposals included in this reserve list could possibly benefit from a grant, ONLY if one of the 30 beneficiaries is unable to sign the grant contract and/or implement the project within three months of the publication and communication of results.

The African Fund for Culture reserves the right to cancel the grant contract or not to allocate all available funds if the beneficiaries are not able to implement their projects according to the selection criteria and guidelines of the 2nd Call.

The African Culture Fund would like to renew its thanks to the artist donors, patrons and partners including DOEN Foundation, FORD Foundation and Open Society Foundations for their support.

Download the list of selected projects here 

Download the list of reserve projects here