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The mission of the African Culture Fund


The Fund’s mission is to encourage creativity, production and professionalization throughout the value chain of the creative and cultural industries, thereby helping to ensure access to decent jobs and to sustainably improve living conditions of artists, professionals and their immediate environment. These missions will be carried out in accordance with the principles of fundamental rights and freedoms, cultural diversity, equity and social justice.

African Culture Fund reasons to be


  • Convergence of cultural funding resources to facilitate the financing of culture to both financial partners and project promoters ;
  • Funding for professionalization projects for African artists and cultural entrepreneurs ;
  • Search for appropriate mechanisms and adequate resources for financing cultural projects in Africa.

ACF vision


  • To stimulate new narratives and positive social change in Africa through the emergence of innovative and creative cultural projects.
  • To professionalize the African cultural and creative sector in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of production and artistic creation.

The objectives of the African Culture Fund


  • Fund cultural and creative projects through calls for proposals ;
  • Mobilize funds for structuring and professionalize the African cultural and creative sector ;
  • Ensure visibility and connection between donors and artists ;
  • Allow equitable and sustainable distribution of resources for the benefit of cultural and creative sector actors throughout the African continent.

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