SOFACO 3 Call for proposals – special “Covid-19 | Individual artists & Cultural Organizations”
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The main objective of SOFACO is to strengthen the resilience capacity of artists and cultural organizations through support for the creation and reconstruction of the artistic sector’s social fabric in Africa in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.
In April 2021, the ACF launched the SOFACO call for proposals batch no.3: Special Covid-19/Individual Artists and Cultural Organizations.
At its closing in May 2021, 55 beneficiaries from 22 African countries and from all artistic disciplines were selected to each benefit from a grant of 3,000 euros (per artist) and 5,000 euros (per cultural organization).
There are 30 individual artists and 25 cultural organizations, among the grantees.
Find out the identity and projects of this call beneficiaries.

Garage Dance Ensemble


Development, training and cutting-edge performances in contemporary dance, Training outreach program

SOFACO #3 - special "Covid-19 | Individual artists & Cultural organizations"

Its project named "Fundamentals, A guide to teaching dance in High Schools" is a multidisciplinary digital work: audiovisual, pedagogical, academic, cultural, and contemporary dance.

Rodrigue Gotovi


Cultural entrepreneur, Consultant in Cultural and Tourism Development

SOFACO #3 - special "Covid-19 | Individual artists & Cultural organizations"

His AGEND'ART project aims to offer a stage opportunity to young women artists or groups of women artists from Benin in the fields of live music, visual art, humor, slam, and fashion, to revive their activities affected by Covid-19.

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