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African Culture Fund


The African Culture Fund is an initiative that defends a continent’s desire to write new narratives and take its rightful place on the world stage through the voice of its unique culture.

Indeed, the sources of financing for culture remain fluctuating, random and dispersed in Africa despite the efforts made by African governments and financial partners in the sector (foundations, international organizations, etc.). This situation makes the activity of culture financing very complex, as much for the financial partners as for the projects carriers. The creation of a continental instrument for financing art and culture is therefore becoming a priority for Africa.
The Fund aims to contribute to the writing and the establishment of new narratives of positive social change in Africa through innovative projects that it finances.

Thus ACF was born in February 2018 in Bamako with a double function, to help the professionalization of the sector, and also to be an agitator and instigator to the creation of a local African philanthropy by the stimulation of the private sector investment from the continent in the field of culture.

The African Fund for Culture is a pan-African organization registered in the Republic of Mali where a headquarters agreement has been established. This is a fund created as an independent non-profit trust.

The Fund originality


The originality of the Fund is an initiative emanating from the artists and cultural actors of the continent who are the first contributors, and who are committed to the professionalization and development of the creative sector, a first experience in terms of handling the development of the African creative sector by the artists and cultural actors of the continent.

Executive management of the fund

The Fund’s headquarters is based in Bamako, Mali. The Fund’s services cover the entire continent of Africa. 

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