The opening ceremony of the Boot Camp #2 of the Continental Capacity Building Program, ACF ACADEMY, stage of North Africa (Tunisia), was held this Monday, July 04 at the premises of our partners from 32 BIS art center in Tunis.

It was an opportunity to exchange with the visual artists selected for this training, coming from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Mali.

Participants will benefit from a specialized Professional Aptitude Certificate called Kôrè-Qualité at the end of the ACF ACADEMY training, providing them with the skills necessary for the professionalization of their profession in the Visual Arts sectors; they will also benefit from annual supervision in the form of support, advice and mentoring by the greatest visual artists on the African continent for a year. The Kôrè-Quality Certificate is recognized by the IKAM network and its partners throughout the African continent.

ACF ACADEMY is an incubation and support program for young visual artists and cultural managers, around five (05) centers of artistic and cultural excellence in all regions of Africa: North Africa (Tunisia); Central Africa (Kinshasa); West Africa (Mali); Southern Africa (Johannesburg); East Africa (Seychelles and Kenya).

The African Culture Fund would like to renew its thanks to the Swiss Cooperation in Mali for the trust and support as well as to the 32 BIS art center for the support.