Funding for artistic projects to support production and distribution in Africa





Since the advent of the COVID-19 health crisis, the world has experienced unprecedented upheaval which has had the effect of paralyzing all sectors of human activity, with enormous negative impacts on the development of countries of the planet.

In Africa, most of the creation, production and distribution centers had been closed and artists were left without prospects. Moreover, many of them still live between despair and disarray.

To date, Africa is gradually preparing for an exit from the crisis by resuming activities in the various sectors. This recovery requires that the various sectors of activity be supported in order to propel the African economy again, in particular through the cultural and creative industries.

To this end, it is urgent and a priority to set up support mechanisms for cultural industries and/or cultural operators in order to boost creativity and artistic productivity, but also to enable them to preserve the socio-economic fabric of the African creative sector, greatly weakened by the crisis.

It is in the light of this observation that the African Culture Fund (ACF) is launching this eleventh call for projects dedicated exclusively to African cultural operators, with a view to supporting them. As they have been hard hit by the harmful effects of COVID-19.


To be eligible, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Being an artist or cultural actor or from Africa and the African diaspora, an organization or an artistic or cultural association established in Africa or cooperating on African projects with at least one African organization and having at least three years of experience.
  • Having premises or being a member of an artistic or cultural organization or association.
  • Having a legal status (organization).
  • Possessing a moral guarantee (see certificate of sponsorship).
  • Presenting a structuring and innovative project in response to a call for projects.

For this eleventh call for proposals, ACF supports applications in the following two categories of projects:

  • Category 1: Requests for assistance with creation and/or production

These requests relate to artistic creation or innovation projects in Africa.

  • Category 2: Requests for assistance with distribution (physical or digital)

These requests relate to physical or digital distribution projects in Africa.

This call concerns the performing arts, cinema and audiovisual and visual arts.

NB: Female candidates are strongly recommended.

This call covers all countries on the African continent.

For any request made within the framework of this call, the budget granted by ACF is 8,000 (eight thousand) Euros maximum per project.

The financing covers a period between 4 months minimum and 6 months maximum.

The file selection procedure has six (06) steps:

  • Registration and filing of applications.
  • Administrative review of applications.
  • Evaluation by the award committee (Jury).
  • Approval of the list of selected projects.
  • Reception and analysis of the administrative documents of the selected candidates.
  • Approval of funding allocation.

Applications will be evaluated by an independent selection committee made up of professionals working in the African cultural sector and familiar with the artistic realities in the different African regions.

The selection committee evaluates applications based on four (04) criteria:

  1. The originality / innovation / creativity of the project or concept.
  2. The technical quality of the project.
  3. The financial quality of the project.
  4. Relevance/sustainability of the project to the African or regional context.

ACF will sign a contract with the beneficiary of the grant which will include information on the activities to be carried out, the amount of the grant, the terms of payment and the reports.

Approved projects will be financed in two (02) instalments:

  • 70% of the grant, upon signature of the contract (pre-financing).
  • 30% of the grant, at mid-term and upon presentation and approval of interim narrative and financial reports.
Activities Deadline
Launch of the call August 02, 2022
Deadline for admissibility of requests for clarification August 16, 2022
Deadline for clarification by ACF August 30, 2022
Deadline for submission of proposals September 16, 2022
Notification of funding awards From October 25 to 31, 2022

Applicants must fully complete the submission form downloadable from the following link according to their situation (Individuals or organisations):

  1. Submission Form for individuals:
  2. Submission form for organisations:

They must then save the completed form in PDF format and send it to the African Culture Fund at the following email address:

Applications can be submitted in French or English.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 September 2022 at midnight GMT.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The results will be disseminated on the ACF website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Only successful candidates will be contacted by the ACF. The latter will then have to provide all the administrative documents mentioned above.