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Project « Preserving intangible cultural heritage through digitalization of performing arts industry in South Sudan. » in South Sudan

This project aims at strengthening economic resilience of performing artists in South Sudan during COVID-19 period. To this end, it will seek to i) support 50 national media houses and event organizing companies to promote the preservation of intangible cultural heritage through raising awareness on intellectual property rights/copyright; and ii) economically empower 50 musicians through the establishment of an online music marketing website under the South Sudan Music Artist Association umbrella.

Project « Slam et Eve, le Slam au féminin (Slam and Eve, female slamers) » at Chad

“Slam et Eve” is a slam production and digitization project with female slam as a pilot project. It aims to commercialize slam, off the stage, like all other art forms. Slam is a musical genre where poetic texts are recited against a background of music or a capella. It promotes intellectual and cultural development through exploration and discussion of current societal issues. Recently arrived in the sphere of urban music, it lacks a real ecosystem of production and promotion for this art to develop fully in Africa, where it is part of the lineage of urban arts and cultures. The pilot project has three components: i) publishing a digital book and DVD featuring the biographies of 12 African female slamers; ii) compilation of slams from 12 female slamers; and iii) creation of a commercial slam production platform.

Project « Development of Educative Mural Artworks on Covid-19 and Related Effects by Vulnerable Visual Artist Groups for Improved Livelihoods» at Kenya

This project aims to create a support system for visual artists made vulnerable by COVID-19 while creating community level awareness on the pandemic through mural art. Twenty artists will be trained on coping mechanisms to enhance their resilience to the changing economic and social situation, and will produce 5 (five) murals at selected strategic public places in Kenya. They will be assisted to adjust and prepare for recovery, and to exhibit the works they will be producing during the lock-down period. Besides, the project will also create an online gallery for artists visibility..

Project « Girl Child Mentorship in Digital Film Making and Television Content Creation » in Zimbabwe

The project targets aspiring, creatively talented young women, between the ages of 16 -25 years of age, interested in Television content creation in Zimbabwe. It empowers them through comprehensive tailor-made training master classes, give them technical support and provide continuous mentorship that enhances the quality of their creative productions that have a profound impact on cultural and social values. The project also intends to host an annual student’s short film festival on the website and accessible via mobile app.

Project « Les Cabines artistiques (Artistic booths) » at Senegal

“Artistic booths” is a concept of creating individual booths adapted to several artistic forms. The show is individual inside the cabins, but can be shared outside since everyone can discuss the impressions of this artistic journey. In doing so, the standards of distancing are respected. This concept of individual booths can be adapted to many artistic forms: play, reading, dance. Just think and adapt the medium with this new space.

Project « Glass Works Project » in Uganda

Glass Works Project aims at bringing together professional and independent artists, as well as recycling communities, who will sell their artistic work made from a maximum of 100% recycled glass content. The project will keep active the six employees operating the glass studio. In addition, 30 artists will be using the studio in their production of glass products for sale. Without the studio, dozens of people would go jobless in a community with an unemployment rate of 80%.

Project « Tous en scène au numérique (Let’s all go for digital) » at Togo

The project is part of the promotion of the spirit of research and development of digital tools in creations. For this, the project will contribute to developing, on the one hand, more sustainable models of creation, production, consumption and distribution, and on the other hand, respond to the global call that invites the cultural and creative sectors to develop and strengthen digital resilience practices for cultural ecosystems aimed at ensuring access and participation of all in cultural life.

Project « 6ème édition des Chantiers dramatiques d’Assahoun » at Togo

The objective of this project is to organize artistic creativity work around the words and groups of words relating to the Coronavirus pandemic (barrier measures, physical or social distancing, frost, muffler, chloroquine, virus, lockdown, curfew, retraining… heard or used throughout this period). It will be undertaken by young professional actors from French-speaking Africa, from writing to the stage, including the creation of a show of theater and/or poetry which will be broadcast in public spaces and on digital platforms.

Project « Adaptions through Psycho-drama for Covid-19 social change artists » in Uganda

The project is aimed at facilitating the practitioners to re-design approaches and artisanship of ‘Theatre-For-Development’ community artists working in humanitarian contexts whose arts and social spaces of practice in art for social change have been stifled by coronavirus lockdowns. The project targets a target group of selected experienced and amateur artists leading art-based community interventions from 10 Rafiki Theatre sister community arts groups operating in central, Northern (West Nile), and Karamoja regions of Uganda.

Project « High school students at cinema » at Morocco

” High school students at cinema” is a project of discovery of cinema, which takes place once during the school year and is aimed at the pupils of the public schools of the city of Tangier, in order to make them an initiated public by developing their taste for the cinematographic art as well as their critical thinking. In addition to screenings and viewing of the four selected films, students benefit from meetings with directors or film professionals. Each film is presented and followed by a discussion. A three-day training course is offered to participating teachers, so that they take ownership of the works and prepare their students for the cinema session. Educational material is distributed to them for this purpose (copies of films, educational DVDs, educational files for teachers).

Project « iStimela Sendaba » at South Africa

iStimela Sendaba, the African Storytelling series, is an online and physical storytelling project which connects diverse African voices into a powerful shared space, providing children aged 3-10 with stories that reflect their cultures and realities, and with worlds in which they feel represented and affirmed. ASSITEJ is about ensuring that children and young people have access to the arts. It has a network into over 100 countries globally and there is a growing demand for African stories and perspectives in places like the USA and UK, where calls for social justice and recognition of marginalized voices and cultures have been strengthened through movements such as #BlackLivesMatter.

Project «I have a drum » at South Africa

“I Have A Drum” aims to be in turn a creative residency, a world tour, a documentary film, a book and an advocacy campaign to accompany the epic of these pioneers in the conquest of a legitimate place and of a certain future for women in the drum arena, still dominated by men. With the end of the lockdown, Ingoma Nshya has resumed daily drumming and is working to transform this period of uncertainty and economic crisis into a period of productivity while ensuring preventive measures such as wearing masks, respecting one-meter physical distancing, regular hand washing.

Project «COVID-19 positive memories » in Uganda

This project will engage children below 19 years in Uganda to express themselves through art to depict their playfulness, creativity, resilience, and positivity during the COVID-19. It is an opportunity for them to: a) visually express themselves through art; and b) depict how they are positively spending their time during the pandemic. The artworks they will create, will be showcased in a one-month long exhibition – this will create a breathing space for the children, the art lovers, and the general public.

Project « Khulumela Impilo » in South Africa

Khulumela Impilo is the expression of hope that there will come a time where we do start emerge from the pandemic. It is in this context that the project is situated, and aims to present a mixed media mosaic mural based on hope for the future. The mural will be installed directly onto a road facing wall at the Marianhill Primary School in Durban and be approximately six metre squares. The project will assist the primary school children to work on the creation of the mural with them.

Project « MOD’ART » at Benin

The MOD’ART project aims to promote the textile and clothing cultural heritage of the Beninese woven loincloth through the organization of the 7th edition of the Kobourou Fashion Days identity fashion festival. It offers Beninese identity fashion actors (weavers, stylists, fashion accessories, make-up artists and models) the opportunity to continue their activities in the context of COVID-19. The event includes two big identity fashion show evenings. It takes place in front of 50 people in strict compliance with barrier gestures with its live broadcast on Facebook. It will be recorded in high resolution and uploaded to YouTube and the WINDEKPE association’s website, with clips to be broadcast on WhatsApp.

Project « INTERFERENCE » in Tunisia

Since its first edition in September 2016, INTERFERENCE has been focusing on the interaction between contemporary art, and more specifically the art of light, with the cultural heritage of the Medina of Tunis. In its roll out, series of trainings for young Tunisians in artistic mediation and production are conducted, as well as immersive artistic residencies. All these activities end with a collective exhibition of works of art in different forms (installations, interventions, performances …), a night event in the Medina and intended for the general public.

Project « Rwanda iwacu Inspirational kids TV show » at Rwanda

Rwanda iwacu inspirational kids is an education cultural show aims to educate Rwandan children about the Rwandan culture history and language kinyarwanda. through TV show. The show will be undertaking in depth look on different aspects of what makes Rwanda a unique country. The show will take around the country of a thousand hills, allowing the audience to make interesting discoveries in areas such as cultural tourism, environment, history.

Project « Itinochi Documentary » at Nigeria

The intriguing journey of the Ebira Cloth from different parts of Africa is a 2-part documentary film about tradition and history. Ita’i Our Cloth is helping women and girls in rural communities like Okene, to survive by empowering them with their weaving skills. With Itinochi which means woven cloth, we get to create awareness to the world and seek funding to keep the women active during this pandemic crisis and moving on. The pandemic has put a lot of homes out of business and livelihood by shutting down ceremonies and festival where these cloths are used but Ita’i has looked at other ways to make the woven cloth versatile and domesticated, and this would help keep the production of woven cloth and the women busy.

Project « Rock the Kasbah » at Morocco

The Colokolo Association does urban circus. Further to the closures due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the association had the idea of creating the show Rock The Kasbah (Homage to the Kasbah of the gnaoua, place of the National Circus School Shems’y), designed as a partnership project with the national circus school Shems’y, which allows artists from the Colokolo Association to train in good conditions. In addition, the project will create a show for all audiences, small format and suitable for all events (music festivals, theater, dance, etc.) which can be broadcast in Morocco.

Project « KARTOON AFRIKA » at Senegal

Kartoon Afrika is a project that introduces children to the creation of educational and cultural cartoons intended for the transmission of knowledge on various subjects. It aims to promote Senegalese education and culture through cartoons. Its main activity consists of setting up and leading short film making workshops in which a group of young people meet and collectively make an animated film going through all its stages of creation (script writing, development of a storyboard, production of sets and characters, animation, sound and editing).

Project « Organic theater workshop at Cotonou psychiatric hospital » at Benin

This animation project of the organic theater workshop is a component of the CARIT’ART project, which is a project for the proposal and management of artists’ interventions in hospitals, social reception centers, civil prisons and detention centers. It aims to participate, through organic theater, in the development and social reintegration of improved patients of the National Psychiatric University Hospital Center of Cotonou. It is run every week and for 2 hours by an actor/cultural mediator assisted by a psychologist. The artist’s intervention in a sensitive environment combines, without being in a therapeutic approach, artistic and psychological skills and places them at the service of humans in difficult situations .

Project « TransMissions » at Togo

TransMissions is a cosmopolitan creation project born from the depths of local traditions, where ceremonial and initiation rites constitute the framework on which its values and uses are based. Theater on stilts and giant puppets, an artistic audacity combined with a creative hybridity that molds the taste, the pleasure and the windfall of a spiritual journey whose destination is the “higher being”. The action aims to strengthen the capacities of the participants (actresses-theater directors-scenographers) of the FEMMES EN CREATION project by involving them in a contemporary creation mixing giant puppets and stilts in the spirit of their promotion at the festivals of the network, MA RUE, in Togo-Benin-Burkina Faso-Mali-Niger- Côte d’Ivoire.

Project « Art-mix » at Mali

This project aims to popularize the various fields of art in Mali, a land of culture par excellence, but whose cultural richness in the country, whether traditional or modern, is not always known in its fullness. The project aims at a residency of artistic creation, in order to make the different disciplines of art better known to the population, especially to make understand that art is not only “music”, but rather a set of disciplines, a variety of forms of expression.

Project « Art-mix » at Benin

This project aims to popularize the various fields of art in Mali, a land of culture par excellence, but whose cultural richness in the country, whether traditional or modern, is not always known in its fullness. The project aims at a residency of artistic creation, in order to make the different disciplines of art better known to the population, especially to make understand that art is not only “music”, but rather a set of disciplines, a variety of forms of expression.

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